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What is Banner?

In selecting SCT’s Banner product, Georgian embarked on an initiative to implement an integrated information system that would incorporate a Student Information System (SIS), a Financial System (FIS) and a Human Resource System (HRIS). Integrated systems cross-traditional functional and departmental borders and the implementation of Banner will promote business process improvement.

As an enabler of process improvement, the Banner project will provide the means to rationalize and streamline administrative processes across the organization. The system, once implemented, will provide managers, faculty, and students with more effective access to information and a tool that will facilitate better decision-making.

The success of the implementation hinges to a large degree on a policy of “no modification”. The flexibility of the application will allow for configuration to a level that will suit Georgian’s business process needs without modifying the software from its delivered functionality.

S.I.S. Project Desc and timeline

Student Information System (SIS) Project

The Banner Student modules being implemented during Phase One of the project encompasses admissions, registration, fees, scheduling, curriculum (catalogue), academic history and program progression at the student level.

There are two means of accessing Banner (Baseline and Web) both using the internet so you can login from home if preferred. Students and faculty will primarily use the Web interface. Post-secondary students will be able to web register for the first time in Georgian’s history.

The Registrar’s staff and academic support staff will be using Banner Baseline – Internet based but with a Windows look-and-feel – to access the SIS.

Banner SIS will go live the week of November 17th, 2003.

Winter 2004 registrations will take place only on Banner. Web registrations will begin December 1, 2004 and non-web registrations will begin as soon as possible after November 17th, 2003.

The Web for Student and Web for Faculty modules will be available immediately after conversion.

F.I.S. Executive summary

Financial Information System Project (FIS)

As Georgian has already adopted the SCT Banner Student Information System, the Board of Governors in September 2002 approved a motion to proceed with the implementation of SCT Banner Finance Information System.

In selecting SCT Banner Finance, Georgian is moving towards the goal of a common platform and application set for administrative systems. A common software solution across the college will promote cross-institution sharing of information that will facilitate better decision-making. A common approach to processes and procedures will contribute to Georgian’s long-term success.

The implementation of SCT Banner Finance will promote business process improvement. Find out more about the F.I.S. Objectives and Benefits here…

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